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Episode 15: How does change happen?
David Sehat talks to Michael Todd Landis, Assistant Professor at Tarleton State University, about how political change occurred in the past and how it might be effected in the present. Published May 21, 2017.

Episode 14: Is the planet doomed?
David Sehat talks to Kim Cobb, Georgia Power Chair and College of Science ADVANCE professor at Georgia Tech, about threats to the planet and the state of American climate politics. Published May 7, 2017.

Episode 13: The Republican Party, from Reagan to Trump
David Sehat explains the ascendancy of Donald Trump as a symptom and an extension of Republican intellectual failure. Published April 30, 2017.

Episode 12: Has American Zionism failed?
David Sehat talks to Marni Davis, Associate Professor of History at Georgia State University, about American Zionism, its critics, and her own tortured feelings toward Israel as an American Jew. Published April 23, 2017.

Episode 11: Should scientists march?
David Sehat talks to Joshua Weitz, professor of biology at Georgia Tech, about the attack on science, the values of science, and why he is marching. Published April 9, 2017.

Episode 10: Is the college classroom dead?
David Sehat talks to Jeff Young, Senior Lecturer in History and guru in digital instruction at Georgia State University, about the digital revolution in higher education and the media, economic, and political challenges to traditional teaching. Published March 26, 2017.

Episode 9: What is it between Mormons and Trump?
David Sehat talks to Ryan Rowberry, Associate Professor of Law at Georgia State University, about Mormons’ tortured relationship to Donald Trump and their idea of constitutional faithfulness. Published March 12, 2017.

Episode 8: Is constitutional originalism legitimate?
David Sehat talks to H. Robert Baker, Associate Professor of History at Georgia State University, about constitutional originalism as a mode of legal interpretation and as rhetoric to justify sweeping legal change. Published February 26, 2017.

Episode 7: Is this what decline looks like?
David Sehat talks to Jake Selwood, Associate Professor of History at Georgia State University, about whether the stories of decline that explain contemporary politics have any legitimacy in this political moment or, in fact, in any political moment. Published February 12, 2017.

Episode 6: Has identity politics wrecked liberalism?
David Sehat talks to Mike O’Connor, author of A Commercial Republic: America’s Enduring Debate over Democratic Capitalism, about the place of racial and gender concerns within contemporary liberalism and about whether those concerns have led the Democratic Party into electoral exile. Published January 22, 2017.

Episode 5: Will machines supplant the human?
David Sehat talks to Greg Mohler, Chief Scientist of the Quantum Systems Division at the Georgia Tech Research Institute, about big data and whether computers have supplanted the soul. Published January 8, 2017.

Episode 4: Is big data a force for good?
David Sehat talks to Joy Rohde, Assistant Professor of Public Policy and History at the University of Michigan, about the use of big data in military strategy and foreign policy and about the potential loss of individual agency, moral integrity, and justice in a big data regime. Published December 4, 2016.

Episode 3: Where is the Left now?
David Sehat talks to Andrew Hartman, professor of history at Illinois State University, about the state of the Left today, about its relationship to the Democratic Party, and about the current vogue for Marx within and outside of the Leftist political tradition. Published November 20, 2016.

Episode 2: Is isolationism the way forward?
David Sehat talks with Christopher McKnight Nichols, Associate Professor of History at Oregon State University, about the dilemmas facing the United States in the world, the shortcomings of existing foreign policy approaches, and his attempted rehabilitation of an idealistic isolationism to guide the United States in the future. Published November 6, 2016.

Episode 1: Is evangelicalism in crisis?
David Sehat talks to Molly Worthen, Assistant Professor of History at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and contributing opinion writer at the New York Times, about the state of evangelicalism, about its place in the Republican Party and in the wider American culture, and about its future prospects. Published October 23, 2016.

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